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Who we are

Welcome to God’s Given Grace Blog!! At God’s Given Grace, we strive to give support and practical solutions for raising a family. We are providing help and encouragement for living through all the parenting, medical, emotional, financial, educational, spiritual, and routine systems. Including those with special health care needs endure.

Who are we? Well, we are a family of 6 with a dog. I am Lisa aka Mom. My husband is Jon (aka dad), and our boys are Joshua (Josh) (16), Joseph (Joey) (13), Jameson (7), and Jackson (2). We also have a Gordon Setter/Lab Mix rescue named Luna (2). She has the same birthday as Jackson.

Here is a bit about our family. We are a homeschooling, Christian family living by the grace and faith Our Father provides us with. Jon and I are always asked how to live the life God has given us and without hesitation, we always say by the Grace of God. It is why we choose to name our Blog/Website God’s Given Grace. It really is with His grace, love, and support, that we make it through each day.

I am a stay-at-home mom, running this blog/business, and Jon/dad is currently doing home improvement through our own company, JG Improvements, LLC. Josh and Joey are both in high school. Jameson is in first grade and Jackson and Luna, well they are still learning and discovering the world around them.

Again we welcome you to God’s Given Grace, we hope we are able to provide you with some sort of insight into who were are. That we can help you with what you came to our website for and leave you with an understanding of what it is.

Look for an individual blog post to give you more information on each of our stories. The history of us, who we are, why we live the way we do, and so much more.


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