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October 1, 2021

Lisa Garrison

20 things about our family people may not understand

Watch for links to individual posts, to explain each of these things.

  1. EOE
  2. Right Aortic Arch
  3. Taking medication outside of the way it should normally be taken
  4. Finding food for Eating Dairy, Soy and Wheat Free
  5. Brain tumor on amygdala
  6. Homeschooling
  7. Scent free soaps
  8. Social Distancing not just because of Covid
  9. Why we wear our masks
  10. Having to administer multiple medications to multiple children
  11. Why mom doesn’t work outside the house
  12. Why we use specific diapers, wipes
  13. Hearing loss
  14. Frontal lobe brain damage/concussions
  15. Genetic testing
  16. Therapy
  17. Sleep issues
  18. Hospital Stays
  19. Juggling/Balancing it all
  20. The Emotional Impact of it all

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