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Special health care needs children

Legal Protections Advocacy for Young Adults

As parents of teenagers with medical conditions, the transition to adulthood comes with unique challenges and responsibilities. Ensuring legal protections for your young adult is crucial for their well-being and independence.

He Just Wants To Be A Normal Kid

This 7-year-old little boy just wants to be like every other kid, playing with friends, growing with God, experiencing the world that God created. But there is a damper in that thought. A brain tumor, seizures, and an immune system that is lower than most.

Guided by Grace

But have found as the years have passed that we have had to fight harder and harder. You see, Josh’s medical needs are not ones seen on the surface. They are not ones that you would even know he had unless you have walked the path alongside us.


Life of a family with special needs kiddos has its highs and lows.

Our Story

We are the Garrison’s, a Christian, homeschooling family of special health needs. Jon and I have been together for 23 years and have been blessed with four wonderful boys. Josh is our oldest and is 16, Joey is 13, Jameson is 7, and the baby… Read More »Our Story


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