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See it & Say it, Flip Flop Spanish

See it & Say it, Flip Flop Spanish

For me, I LOVE Summits, I have attended so many, and this past year I have even been participating in them! Well, last year I attended the 2021 Homeschool Super Heroes Summit. It is an amazing resource for homeschooling families where a lot of Superheroes of the homeschool world come together to teach homeschooling families the wealth of information that they know.

The next Homeschool Super Heroes Summit is coming back soon (Early Bird Opens 8/8, Kickoff week opens 8/22), I will keep you informed on that as this year I am one of the Superheroes!

But, last year one of the sessions that stood out to me was the one called Getting Started with Foreign Language, by Suzanne Gose. She is the owner and curriculum writer for See it and Say it Flip Flop Spanish and Spanish Geniuses.

What I loved about the session was that Sra. Gose presented was that first and foremost, she was so down to earth. Making sure to keep everything she presents real. Not afraid to show her true self. And of course, the message she gave was amazing as well.

She is a homeschooling mom of 5 kiddos, one of whom has graduated, they all live in Texas, where she,  her husband, and kids live on a homestead.

And of course, she is bilingual in Spanish. Naturally, this is why she is presenting a session on getting started with a foreign language.

Her message explained the importance of taking the time to plan, time triggers, age ranges and what to do for each, obstacles you may come up against, and how to learn with each learning style that each child has.

The overall message truly had me hooked into looking more into what her curriculum was and how it could help my children with learning.

A perk of being an All Access Attendee with the Homeschool Super Heroes Summit was the VIP Bonus Bundle it included. One of those bonuses was Sra. Gose’s Flip Flop Nature Study. The bonus is usually $15 on her website and includes 5 weeks of detailed lesson plans and printable flashcards. Each lesson is to be done in just 4 days each week. Easy right?!?!

Well after trying out Flip Flop Spanish, I was hooked. My kids were asking for more. So, recently our family got the See it & Say it Flip Flop Spanish curriculum.

The boxed kit came quickly after the order was shipped. Upon opening the packaging and pulling out the See it and Say it Box the first thing I noticed was the cute disclaimer that it was for the whole family ages 3 to 93. I am sure it could be used even older than that but it was a cute reality that it was not just for kids.

The fact that it comes complete with games, charades, skits, audio, visual, and tactile learning, allows both children and parents alike to move quickly through the short audio tracks (about three per lesson) three times per week.

Lessons include optional writing elements as well as plenty of voice bubbles coming from mascot Egg Head (so adorable) to explain the grammatical concepts along the way.

In the picture on the front of the box there is also a short paragraph that says “Learn Spanish the way your brain learns! See the picture, Say the word. Put together a Spanish sentence. Complete the nouns, verbs, and adjectives, you’ll learn thousands of sentences with just more than 250 words. With 3 sets of flashcards and a flash drive full of audio, each lesson is spoken to you. Complete Two-Year curriculum for the whole family, ages 3 and up.”

I love this intro as to what one is going to find inside!!

I got even more excited. Personally, my sophomore year of high school was when I started taking Spanish, I took 3 years of it. I loved it, but the cliché use it or lose it stands out to me. While I do remember some of what I learned, it is nowhere near enough to be able to teach my children without guidance or a curriculum. Thus, my excitement.

Opening the box I found the setup pictured here:

As you can see the setup inside the box was just as intriguing as the outside of the box. The first thing you see upon opening the box is the Get started now explanation, a breakdown of what you find in the box, instructions on how often to do each lesson, and what to do with all the stuff in the box.

The beautiful design of the flashcards really blew me away. They are colored, carefully picked pictures that represent the words that are going to be used for the well-laid-out lessons.

The lesson plan pages are printed on high-quality paper already hole punched and ready to go into a binder. 

Included with those lesson pages are inserts for a binder with view pockets. To keep everything together and organized.

After taking everything out of the box I grabbed an empty binder and inserted the cover, spine, and back of the binder inserts. 

Then took the lessons and put them into the binder and topped those lesson pages with the two card holder pages to be used for sentence building. 

In the inner front pocket, I am storing the dry erase paddle and dry erase marker. Sra. Gose truly is a woman after my own heart. I love to be organized and she really thought everything through when she put the kit together. 

All the little things she did to help make the kit truly open and use with minimal setup, is an outstanding feature!!


Paging through and reading through the lessons, you can tell that the curriculum is designed around the Charlotte Mason methodology. It is all put together for engaging, grab-and-go, short lessons. Sra. Gose provides step-by-step instructions to be used in a two-year program, with optional expansion writing elements found in most lessons, and teachable bite-size chunks of language. All geared for you and your family to be able to master the Spanish language.

To say that Sra. Gose has thought of everything, she even has additional tools in her store to supplement, add fun with games, and read with the books. 

Flip Flop Spanish Store


I really love the entire setup, the lessons have effortless preparation, effortless implementation, and built-in breaks. Plus, being able to have the audio lessons go hand in hand with the written lesson plans and beautiful flash cards. The excitement of using this curriculum is immense. The bonus of the ongoing support through the blogs, social media posts, and newsletters from Sra. Gose, is the added bonus that makes using the curriculum an ongoing remarkable curriculum.

You have to check it out and get this easy-to-use, hands-on, engaging Spanish curriculum.  

Flip Flop Spanish

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