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Grace In Every Season

A podcast where host Lisa Garrison explores the beauty of life’s journey through faith, family, and grace, offering inspiration, practical tips, and candid discussions on topics like mental health, homeschooling, special needs parenting, organization, and financial challenges, all underpinned by the unyielding grace of God.

Meet The Host

Lisa Garrison is a hardworking mom of four energetic boys and devoted wife to her childhood sweetheart, Jon. As a daughter of the Most High God, her life’s purpose is to spread the good news about her Heavenly Father to those who may not yet know Him.

The Garrisons are a close-knit Christian family who have welcomed the unique joys and challenges of homeschooling children with special needs. Through it all, Lisa’s faith has been her anchor, sustained by an understanding of God’s unlimited grace.

On “Grace in Every Season,” Lisa shares her openheartedness and lived experiences to help others deepen their own relationships with the Lord. With wisdom, relatability, and her trademark warm smile, she’ll guide you through topics like raising a special needs family, nurturing your mental health, and navigating financial ups and downs.

Lisa’s passion is to provide practical tips and candid discussions that inspire listeners to live their best lives possible, all while recognizing the unyielding grace that is freely given to us all. Whether you’re a spiritual seeker or a long-time believer, you’ll find a wise and generous friend in Lisa Garrison.

“No matter what season of life you find yourself in, take heart in knowing that God’s grace is sufficient, His mercies are new every morning, and He will equip you with the strength to not only endure but thrive, as you learn to live embraced by His unlimited, unmerited favor.”

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