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In our family, the current countdown falls somewhere in between – a blend of hope, resilience, and a touch of uncertainty.

He Just Wants To Be A Normal Kid

This 7-year-old little boy just wants to be like every other kid, playing with friends, growing with God, experiencing the world that God created. But there is a damper in that thought. A brain tumor, seizures, and an immune system that is lower than most.

Are you burdened? Overwhelmed?

When the overwhelming feelings of things being a burden amp up, it is usually a time when we need to turn to God and recheck our situation.

Lessons I learned from a bedroom full of mold!!

While bad things are going to happen, God is always there. Right there helping to guide and push you into being the better person, that is growing into who he hopes for you to be. The one that is able to fulfill the purpose he created you for.

We need to stop living in the myth that trials are a curse, in the myth that when things look dark, God is nowhere to be seen, and in the myth, our stories are not worth much.

And start right now! Living in the truth that trials are an opportunity, God is always there and he provides us the light in our darkness, and that our stories are our greatest offerings!!


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