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Two are better than oneEcclesiastes 4:9

Jon & Lisa

Love is Patient, Love is Kind…

Our Story

We are the owners and creators of God’s Given Grace. We have been together for 24 years and have 4 boys and a fur baby. We are a Christian, homeschooling family of special health needs. God put it on our hearts to start this website to help others and tell our story. Our hope is you will be able to learn from all the things we have experienced and learned in our 24 years together. 

Jon and I met while I was finishing 8th grade. He is just under 4 years older than I am and was in high school when we meet. He moved in with one of my aunt and uncle’s home. And it was at another aunt and uncle’s wedding that brought Jon and me together.

Our journey together has not been an easy one, but every day together we find ourselves closer than ever. Even though we have been together for 24 years, we have only been married on paper for 9 years. Since we paid for our own wedding and had two children before that wedding, money was really tight and we had to come up with the funds ourselves. I planned the whole wedding, with the help of my cousin Jeni, sister Michelle, and Mom. Jon of course helped as well. It was a fun, memorable night and I would not change the order of things at all. It has made Jon and I into who we are today. Even out of order.

Jon really does has many talents. Working on houses and fixing things really is one of his favorites. Besides being a hard worker he is the family chauffeur, auto mechanic, carpenter, and go-to Mr. Fix-it. He is an ultimate Wisconsin sports enthusiast. Jon loves the Brewers, Badgers, and Bucks! Yet, he does love the Texans as well!

Some of his (and my) favorite things about him being a dad are the way he talks with the boys, the silly play he does, the way he gets down and plays with Legos or cars, how he spoils each of them, he is the baby whisper, booboo fixer (especially the bad wounds), ultimate snuggler, an amazing teacher as there are many teaching moments, doing science experiments and the way he helps mom get through the day. He is also an amazing testament to our boys of what it is to have faith in God.

As for me, everyone thinks I am an underpaid stay-at-home mom. But the reality is I would not change my “job” for anything. I love being a mom. All the ah-ha moments, snuggle times and I love yous. The many roles I have are chef, nurse, secretary, teacher, principal, marketing assistant, website designer, administrative assistant, housekeeper, caregiver, personal assistant, insurance agent (with all the bills and authorizations I have to deal with), planner, treasurer, personal shopper, therapist (emotional and physical), accountant, tax preparer, student, and entrepreneur. I currently hold an Associates’ degree in Accounting and a Bachelor’s in Business Management, with certifications in Bookkeeping, Microsoft, and QuickBooks. I love to read and learn, sew, and craft.

Jon and I have many values in our marriage. There are many but the top ones include good communication, honesty, attention, time, commitment, respect, and willingness to compromise.

We value our relationship with each other and the relationship we have built with God. Although we are both still learning and growing as faithful Christians, we are finding that we are lucky to have the same values and respect for the purpose God has given us. It is why we know God is with us every day, helping provide us with the grace we need to get through the day.

Jameson’s Baptism 2016


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Jackson Baptism 2021

Our Hope

Jon and I have so many stories, tips, ideas, and support to be given. Our hope is that you are able to learn from all the things we have been through. If you ever have questions please ask, we would love to help answer them.


Learn More & Grow in Faith

We invite you to explore our family’s journey—a journey woven with faith, love, and the grace of God. As you navigate our blog, you’ll discover the unique contours of our family life, marked by shared experiences, challenges, and moments of profound spiritual growth. We extend an open invitation to join us on this path of faith, where our stories become intertwined with yours. Delve into the resources, stories, and reflections that speak to the core of our faith-driven existence. Gain insights to help you be filled with God’s grace. Your presence is a gift, and we are excited to share the grace-filled chapters of our lives with you.

Luna Ray
Luna Ray

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We extend a heartfelt invitation for you to connect with us, whether you’re seeking companionship, shared experiences, or a supportive network. In this space, we value each unique voice and perspective that contributes to the rich tapestry of our community. Together, let’s build meaningful connections that go beyond the virtual realm, fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie. Join the conversation, share your story, or simply enjoy the company of like-minded individuals. Your presence is not just welcomed; it’s integral to the vibrant spirit of our community. Connect with us, and let’s journey together towards shared growth, understanding, and the joy of connection.


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